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Drowning aptly dubbed as the 'silent killer', could happen in split seconds where victims may fall into the water silently without any splashing or screaming. Many a time, a child who may be weak or non-swimmer may enter or fall into the deep end of a pool unnoticed. In recent years, there have been numerous reports of drowning incidents happening here in Singapore.   


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"In the past five years, the hospital saw an average of 20 such cases a year. In comparison, it saw between one and 14 cases annually from 2005 to 2010. While pools - especially private ones - were by far the most common places where submersion incidents occurred, children also got into trouble in bathtubs, the sea and even buckets."


Taking reference from above statistics, we can conclude that most of such drowning incidents tend to happen within private pools, such as those within condominiums. Unlike public pools, condominiums do not deploy lifeguards due to consideration of cost effectiveness. Condominiums pools are only accessible by residents and are generally less crowded than public pools.


At Swimwerks, we provide lifeguards for hire, providing the flexible and cost effective lifeguard services when needed at private pools or even pool-side event.


    Our Portfolio

    We are proud to feature clients that we have worked with and we continue to build ongoing relationships with out clients. Some of our clients are:

    • JW Marriot
    • Bosch security
    • Unearthed Productions
    • SMU Aquathlon 2019
    • Bloomberg Family Day Event
    • Park Infinia condominium
    • Health Promotion Board : National Steps Challenge Event
    • Hollandse Club
    • The British Club
    • Tanjong Beach Club
    • Many open water events and pool parties

    Swimwerks has been contracted on numerous occasions to oversee safety of participants at many different events. Below are the pictures taken at the events.

    Lifeguard Services


    Our Lifeguard Services

    We have a large group of professionally trained and certified lifeguards ready to be deployed at your call. Our Lifeguards are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills required when performing their duties.


    Our services allow organisations to engage us on contract terms, daily, on routine days, during its peak timings or for major events. Our Lifeguards will assist your organisation in managing, educating and ensuring the safety of all pool users. 


    Why engage lifeguards?

    1. Ensure surveillance for your guest / patrons and pool safety at all times in your premises.
    2. Provide emergency care, first aid to patrons before emergency medical services arrives.
    3. Project a better image and added values to your organisation.

    Contact us today to find out about our Lifeguard services and how our certified and experienced Lifeguards can help you better manage, educate and improve water safety at your premises.






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