At Swimwerks, we believe that the best prevention of aquatic accidents eg., Drowning is to provide Swimming skills and basic understanding on water safety.

Here are the range of courses specially tailored for all age group:

babies swimming

You are right! Your precious can start his/her aquatic activities from as young as 6 months. Your gift for life to your precious will equip them with a precious life preserving skills. Working along together with parents, this program will probably be the most memorable, valuable interaction time for both the baby and the parents!

Benefits of babies swim lessons:

1. Studies show that babies who are introduced to the water very early develop advanced motor skills and social skills.

2. Some experts even say babies in swim lessons are likely to walk earlier.

3. Provide strengthening of the physical body.

4. Promotes parental knowledge of their baby's likes, dislikes & personality.

5. Builds and establishes trust between the parents and the child.

6. Provides an environment for experiencing pleasure and fun together. 

Age Group: 06 to 36 months

Duration: 30 minutes


toddlers swimming

Toddlers are developing a whole host of new skills, including developing more independence, asserting their wants and learning about friendship. They learn essential water safety skills that will saves their lives such as reaching and pulling short distances with their arms to safety and rolling to an independent back float for survival!

Age: 3 years old

Duration: 30 mins


children swimming

Kids have an ample amount of energy - why not put this energy to good use by equipping them with the valuable skill of water survival? We offer extensive swimming programmes from learning to swim for beginners to distance swimming for advanced swimmers.


Swimming is considered an essential life skill in one's lifetime. Many water sports require the participant to be able to swim. Imagine all the fun you or your loved ones would be missing out if you can't swim! Swimming is a low impact sports which is ideal for the well being of one's body in the long run.Instead of of letting your kids play on IT gadget that strain their eyes why not let them enjoy the fun in swimming and exercise at the same time.


Minimum Age: 4 years old

Duration: 45 minutes


adult swimming

It's never too late to start learning to swim!


At Swimwerks, we cater swimming lessons to your comfort level in the water and guidance towards your set objective.

Not only is it a life skill, swimming is a healthy sport which you can continue for a lifetime.


What are the benefits of swimming?

  • Helps maintain a healthy weight, heart and lungs
  • Builds endurance, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness.


Your skills also helps.....

  1. Toning of muscles
  2. Full body exercise
  3. Keep fit and make friends
  4. Good way to relax and feel good
  5. Helps to destress from a long day of work.
  6. Survival during aquatic emergencies.

Lastly, you will now be more confident venturing into other aquatic sports such as lifesaving, snorkelling and Scuba diving!


Duration: 45 minutes





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